Anica Tomić & Jelena Kovačić (HR): Magic Evening

23rd of September at 9.30pm @ &TD Big Hall

Quite an ordinary evening. Two couples in one apartment. Good dinner and a few bottles of alcohol. A lot of talk about everything and nothing. About politics, art, crises, crosses, failed love(s) and Vivaldi. About the time in which everything is allowed, in which the criteria do not exist, but there are those who are pushing them steadily. And then suddenly a completely banal, maybe just a random event that will stop them, which will only interrupt the magical evening for a moment. A banal event that will ask maybe completely banal question: what are you afraid of? A banal event that will not stop with the question, but will insist and constantly ask new ones. Where can all your fears take you? At what point does fear become paranoia? At what point it can no longer tell apart from what is true and what is an illusion? Or is it all true and we are no longer safe? Even in one apartment, one evening with a good dinner and a few bottles of alcohol.

Magic Evening, foto Damir Žižić

Režija: Anica Tomić
Dramaturgija: Jelena Kovačić
Glume: Ivana Krizmanić, Nataša Kopeč, Marko Makovičić, Marko Petrić
Zvuk i obrada zvuka: Nenad Kovačić
Scena i kostimi: Anica Tomić

Produkcija: Studentski centar Sveučilišta u Zagrebu – Kultura promjene – Teatar &TD

Magic Evenins, foto Damir Žižić


Anica Tomić graduated in comparative literature and Croatian language and literature from Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and in Theatre Directing and Radio Broadcasting from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She collaborates, almost regularly, with dramaturge Jelena Kovačić.

Jelena Kovačić graduated in Polish language and literature and comparative literature from Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and in dramaturgy from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She works as a dramaturge and translator from Polish language. She currently works as a drama director at HNK Ivan pl Zajc in Rijeka.


Best conditions for working are…when you are totally relaxed, when your mind is open, when you are aware of the fact that the things you have perspective on also have a perspective on you; and maybe somewhere in between those two perspective can meet. There is no right way of seeing, there is always one point of seeing which is always changeable. Anica Tomić


From my point of view, best condition for working are a good and open-minded team and the atmosphere of trust and true and pure curiosity. Only the synergy of different ideas can produce good theatre.  Jelena Kovačić