Ivan Penović: Prijeđanje Vublike 148

21st of September at 9.30pm @ MM centre

What offends you? Can it be expressed with words? Or only grimaces? Has Peter Handke ever succeeded to offend audience? Today, hardly. Well, we have already played Vrijeđanje publike for 148 times. We are playing this show for twenty-six years. Two generations are playing it. It is an ancient skill. It is craft. It is not acting. It is offending. We have won big awards at big festivals. Of course, we will not tell which festivals. If we put ego aside, this research and, in the end the performance, deals with theatre audience, taking over current TV and internet marketing strategies, examining the term spectacle and the way that kind of event deals with other, more dominant media, and in the end, with forming of specific audience, their point of view.

Režija: Ivan Penović

Izvođači: Robert Budak, Matija Čigir, Domagoj Janković, Karlo Mrkša, Bernard Tomić i Pavle Vrkljan

U sklopu apap – Performing Europe 2020 projekta „Student u rezidenciji“, uz potporu programa Kreativna Europa Europske Unije te u suradnji s Akademijom dramske umjetnosti Zagreb.


Ivan Penović was born in Split in 1992. He works in theatre as a dramaturge, writer, director and performer. Last year he performed at Ganz novi festival in the project Cabinet of Delicious Wonders in Theatre &TD.


From my perspective and experience, best conditions for work are, and I am primarily talking about cultural institutions here, the ones giving a larger group of people of various backgrounds, education and interests the possibility to work. Today, when culture as activity and human instinct is fighting for survival, programmatic (or thematic, lightly said) filtering of ideas creates unnecessary layer of thinking for young people, because their desire to express themselves is what matters most. I wish for peace on Earth and an end to child hunger.