(The) Lesser Men(HR)

22nd of September at 9.30pm @ &TD Atrium

(The) Lesser Men deal with the intricacies of the basic everyday experience, things that go unnoticed just because of the unrelenting force and grind of the repetitive. The band tries to put to use, even exploit, standard pop concert conventions, just slightly distorted, the culprit being the eye of the camera. The project in question is planned as an experiment in conventional performative action. In other words, the band take on traditional, that’s not to say conventional concert form, certainly not the rock bravado and posturing. The disturbing and sickening mechanics of The Everyday is bread and butter of (The) Lesser Men. In musical terms, combined with the video art element of the set, (The) Lesser Men deal with the political discourse through the rhetorics of escapism, invading the infinite pockets of uncharted linguistic space that tend to shut down just as swift as they open. The musical search is set up within the all-conquering  mindboggling dumbness of popular culture in the provincial late-capitalist society. That in itself is the reason why (The) Lesser Men as a musical quartet doesn’t dwell in the deeply experimental, uncharted audio and visual experience, yet it is experimental as experimental goes.


(The) Lesser Men is a four-piece band from Zagreb formed in 2012. Members are Branko Skendžić (drums, percussion), Denis Brčić (bass guitar), Neven Svilar (guitars, vocal) and LesserManBasic (synthesizers/keyboards, guitars, harmonica, vocals). They will release the Bedrooms (Geenger/Ammonite Records) on the day of the concert promotion of the album.

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