Žak Valenta / TRAFIK Tranzicijsko-fikcijsko kazalište (HR): Travelogue

24th of September at 21.30 @ &TD Big Hall

Starting point of the project is the meeting of the performance team consisting of a young (Flego, Vrdoljak) and old performance couple (Sibila, Valenta). By putting together the two performing qualities and forces (youth versus experience) TRAVELOGUE opens many intriguing approaches to research dance heritage and mechanisms of memorizing, storing and predicting the future of the dance. The heritage, its importance and transfer to the new generations and the perception and reception, as opposed to their predecessors, is subjected to the processes of unlimited reinterpretation, recycling and transformations into a new choreography language. Activation of performativity lies in the possibility of rejecting the anti-interpretation, the mistakes in the interpretation and the difficulties with archiving dance as live art media. The work is inspired by Mak Dizdar’s poetry. As Mak said: ‘You know that the travel from you to me is not the same as the travel from me to you’.

Autor: Žak Valenta
Koautori i izvođači: Toni Flego, Iva Nerina Sibila, Žak Valenta, Eleonora Vrdoljak
Glazba i zvuk: Dušan Maksimovski
Vizualna oprema predstave: Lara Badurina, Dajana Jurman Osip
Produkcija: Trafik 2017
Koproducent: Ganz novi festival Kulture promjene Studentskog centra u Zagrebu
Projekt realiziran uz podršku: Grada Rijeke, Ministarstva kulture RH, Plesnog centra TALA Zagreb


Žak Branko Valenta was born in 1966. in Umag (HR). He is a solo dance artist, a dancer, performer, eurythmist, choreographer and theatre pedagogue. He is one of the founders and current artistic director of theatre group TRAFIK from Rijeka. He performs and choreographs for TRAFIK since 1998. TRAFIK is one of the first independent theatre groups in Croatia consisting of professional and schooled artist.

I started with theatre at the age of 4 when I performed in the living room for my family, and I remember I choreographed and performed the entire performance perfectly.