16. 12., 20:00, premiere, (entrance: invites only) &TD big hall

17. 12., 20:00, free entrance, &TD big hall

This project came into existence as a synergy of different ideas, thoughts, compositions and tasks from all authors, interactively working in their interspaces, where all participants love the place where nothing is full but it becomes full. It becomes and stays between two worlds, floors, ideas, somewhere between known and unknown.

In her work, Aleksandra develops this idea and work principle in which she develops work situations where everyone is engaged in the discussion about the theme they are interested in. That is how she creates independent space full of trust in which the roles are interchangeable. Results of the process authors test at the end of the rehearsal by presenting the Play of the day, which result in final performance.


interspace is an elevator

an elevator by floors not numbers

an elevator by states


in all directions.

interspace chooses them.

it chooses between silence, emptiness, junk, legs, roller.

between love, neutrality, nothingness, the sun.

purple sun.

interspace, the space between us.

toward us.

where he/she plays and chooses. 


TRAS –  Petra Chelfi, Ivana Pavlović and Martina Tomić are artists and performers, active members of Croatian dance scene for years. With Sara Barbieri, Nina Sakić and Karolina Suša they have founded Tras kolektiv. They all work outside the collective in their own artistic landscape, but here they connect their different experiences which become work they co-author, and with the idea of collaboration with coreographers, directors and artists from different fields. Till now they have worked with Natalija Manojlović, Irma Omerzo, Vilim Matula, Rajko Pavelić, Pavlo Heidler. This year, their collaborators are coreographer Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, one of the founders of Nomad Dance Academy, and musician Nenad Kovačić.

Authors: Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld, Nenad Kovačić, Petra Chelfi, Ivana Pavlović, Martina Tomić
Performed by: Nenad Kovačić, Petra Chelfi, Ivana Pavlović and Martina Tomić

Production: TRAS

Co-production: Student Centre Zagreb – Culture of Change – Theatre &TD and Ganz New festival. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Croatia.