Dance Inn is a mini-festival, or an international thematic event organized by de facto, a theatre company focused on contemporary performance art and live art.

Dance Inn takes an innovative approach to understanding festivals taking place in Zagreb and Croatia. Essentially, it is a pop-up weekend festival that collaborates with various artists, art collectives, institutions and venues depending on the topic selected to provide an in-depth and horizontal overview of the cultural community during a very brief period of time.

Dance Inn intends to mobilize dancers, cultural workers and performers. Through a number of workshops, public presentations of performances and projects by domestic and international artists, debates, meetings and events, the festival will explore new methods of presenting works of art, foster networking with the local and international communities and inspire art creation, exchange of knowledge and experience as well as to intensify collaboration of artists involved in the project.

Dance Inn intends to discuss and correlate contemporary dance and other forms of art during a brief period of time and inspire dialogue about the state of play of the contemporary art production in performance art, its reception and further potentials for establishing links between artists who are active in a number of different production forms.