Ganz new festival is an international festival of developmental theatre and a platform for the presentation of young and mid generation artists of specific authorial handwriting interested in contemporary tendencies and unconventional approaches in performing arts. The term developmental theatre suggests a theatre practice that gradually develops the poetics of the authors through experience and practice. Unlike open work processes in which unfinished theatre plays are wrongfully treated as completed, the term developmental applies exclusively to completed, closed wholes, that is theatre plays by mostly young authors and directors which are the result of the work and the development of their poetics, and which remain to be confirmed through future work and development. Unladen by genres, Ganz understands theatre in the broadest sense of the word; as a media that balances on the edges of literature, dance, performance, opera, activism, film, fine arts and media art. Ganz is socially active, a common space of thinking and action, so his programs not infrequently exceed the narrow theatre circle and activate broader social groups. Seventh Ganz’s edition is primarily a working space; a space of sharing resources and exchanging art practices, experiences and knowledge. Second act of this year’s Ganz is being realised in collaboration with newly established Dance_Inn Winter 2017 festival, initiated by theatre company de facto.

Entrance is free, for you.

Culture of Change