Iva Peručić & Maja Subotić Šušak (HR): Atrij je vrt je pozornica je atrij

20th and 21st of September @ &TD Atrium

Workshop of imagining and building the polyfunctional garden in the &TD Atrium will take place on 20th and 21st of September. We connect theatre (performance) and a concrete action with what is sustainable, healthy, social and nice to what cultivates and grows – THE GARDEN. The final product of the workshops is not defined, we create it together using the methods of reflection and projecting the green (public) space and the criteria of selecting the adequate plants. You can use the same methods repeatedly at the roof, balcony, summer house and in life.

Sign up here : iva.growstudio@gmail.com

Iva Peručić is an architect working in the sphere of sustainable building, green design and permaculture. In her work, she focuses on simplicity of human co-existing with nature. Stop, feel, play, you are here.

Maja Subotić Šušak is a designer and head of project by creative agency. In her work, she focuses on green design and education of young people in visual culture. She collaborates with Iva Peručić on designing the Green Ratkaj (Design District Festival).

Financirano sredstvima europskog projekta apap – Performing Europe 2020 (apap – audience development project), sufinancirano sredstvima programa Europske unije Kreativna Europa.