ÁSRÚN MAGNÚSDÓTTIR (IS): Narodni ples bez granica

23rd of September, 5.30-7pm @ SC GALLERY

In this workshop, led by choreographer Ásrún Magnúsdóttir, together we will create a new “folk dance” without borders. It is a folk dance for every nation, every colour, every gender, etc. It is a folk dance to dance when in need, when fighting, when celebrating, or just when at home. The folk dance will be made by the participants of the workshop and Ásrún, who has been to many different places making many different folk dances with different people, nations and social groups. A manifesto will also be made. After the workshop, each participant will be certified to teach the folk dance to whomever they want to teach it to and of course dance it whenever needed. We will create a new symbol of unity: a Folk Dance Revolution.

Financirano sredstvima europskog projekta apap – Performing Europe 2020, sufinancirano sredstvima programa Europske unije Kreativna Europa.