27. 11. – 8. 12. residence@ OŠ Mihaela Šiloboda (Sv. Martin pod Okićem)
9. 12., 18 h, public presentasion- canceled@ Galerija SC

During 2 weeks, children of the elementary school “Mihael Šilobod” in Zagreb will teach Croatian language to Maria Jerez. During this change of roles, the important thing is not the transfer of a symmetrical power, but the establishment of a fragile situation for all parties, a place of uncertainty where no one can reach solutions in an immediate and effective manner. This project pays attention to all the moments when we name something for the first time, to the thinking that is behind language, to the political power of the processes of learning, to the misunderstandings as a place of opportunity, to the relation to someone coming from another world. This project builds a space where the unknown is implemented as a desirable place of potentiality.

A project by Maria Jerez and pupils and teachers of the elementary school Miahel Šilobod in Sv. Marin pod Okićem

Pupils: Sebastijan Držanić, David Friedman, Filip Garašić, Marko Holetić, Nina Holetić, Laura Konosić, Ana Ložnjak, Lara Mihalina, David Nikl, Klara Oblak, Jan Peles, Leon Požgaj, Nina Radovinović, David Suša, Amalija Škofić, Marko Škvarić, Tara Šobot, Fran Šolčić, Ema Vrtar, Viktor Vučković, Matej Žamarija

Teacher: Mirna Hrenek

Scientific and creative collaborator: Marta Haraminčić

Thank you: Ivana Ivković, Petar Jandrić, Daniela Katunar and Ani Širanović

Production: Student Centre Zagreb – Culture of Change – Theatre &TD within apap-Performing Europe 2020 project and elementary school Mihael Šilobod. Supported by Creative Europe Programme of the EU.

 Maria Jerez’s work is located “between” choreography, cinema and visual arts. She produces the pieces The Case of the Spectator, This Side Up, The Perfect Alibi, ba-deedly-deedly-deedly-dum ba-boop-be- doop!, Alma de Rímel & The Glammatics, BLOB developed within her project What Is Third and Yabba; all of them problematize the relationship with the spectator. She makes the films The Movie (2008) inside the project The Neverstarting Story with Amaia Urra, Cris Blanco and Cuqui Jerez and Maria Gaat Naar School (2017) with Edurne Rubio. She co-designs Living Room Festival (Madrid) with Cuqui Jerez, Luis Úrculo and Juan Domínguez. She teaches at Master’s Degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture (Madrid). In 2017, she has co-curated PICNIC SESSIONS at CA2M, Móstoles.